An American man is suing the South African owned and US-brewed Foster’s over its use of Australian imagery which he says deceives beer drinkers into thinking it’s an import when it is actually brewed in Texas.

Foster's beer.

Foster’s beer. Image by Miquel C. / CC BY 2.0

Leif Nelson, from New York, filed the class action last week against brewing giant Miller claiming he had been conned. “The packaging for Foster’s contains multiple references to Australian culture and symbols including an image of a Red Kangaroo, the national symbol of Australia, and the Southern Cross constellation,” the court documents say. Nelson also believes Foster’s was being sold at an inflated price “despite the fact that the beer is now brewed in the United States with domestic ingredients”. Their marketing campaign “How to speak Australian” also continues the deception, says Nelson. A spokesman for the brewers, MillerCoors, explained that the company, “employs an Australian brewmaster so that the beer tastes as true to its origin as possible”.

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