Training & Development

To keep up with the growing needs of the business, we also regularly create new roles and reengineer existing positions – which means we can offer opportunities for multi-skilled members of staff to redefine and grow their roles within the business, or try their hand at something different entirely.

We also offer a range of professional development and training programs, to ensure our staff make the most of their time at Ammos Travel, including:

Ammos Travel Management Program

This program is aimed at managers who wish to enhance their skills and grow their knowledge in areas like effective leadership and global collaboration. There are a number of different programs that span each level of management.

Performance reviews

Reviews are held every 6 months with each office staff member, where issues such as future development, training opportunities and performance are discussed and evaluated. This maintains healthy two-way communication between employees and managers.

Training and study support

At Ammos Travel, we not only recognise the importance of continued learning and development – we support it. All staff may be entitled to study leave and can apply for financial support for external training programs, short courses or tertiary study.

Internal training

Being an international company, we adopt a blended approach to learning that involves training in a face-to-face ‘classroom’ setting, online training via webinars and virtual ‘classrooms’ where employees from across the globe interact. Regular courses and workshops are also run by both internal staff and professional facilitators, on topics ranging from product specific training to conflict management and customer service.

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