The skeleton of a previously unknown species of dinosaur has been unearthed at an archaeological site in northern Spain.

Morella, Spain.

Morella, Spain. Image by TijsB / CC BY-SA 2.0

A study published on Wednesday in a journal of the California-based Public Library of Science called PLOS ONE, revealed the dinosaur would have been a member of the iguanodon group and would have lived around 125 million years ago. Dubbed Morelladon beltrani (a combination of the town where it was excavated ‘Morella’, the Greek word for tooth (odon) and as a tribute to Victor Beltrani for his contribution to local fossil sites) the dinosaur measured around six metres long and 2.5 metres tall, but it’s most distinguishing feature would have been the tall spines protruding from its back which could have looked something like a sail. The specimens uncovered included back and pelvic bones and several teeth.

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