A Twister Seat, designed to help economy airlines passengers be more comfortable, has been featured in Aircraft Interiors International’s yearly showcase.

The Twister Seat concept.

The Twister Seat concept. Image by Factorydesign

The concept, devised years ago by Adam White, joint creative director of Factorydesign, focuses on enhancing passenger comfort during long-haul flights without taking up additional space.

The Twister seat works by moving with the twisting and turning of the human spine as passengers seek the most comfortable spot. Once found, the traveller can press a button to hold the seat in their desired position.

The crucial difference between a standard seat and this is a series of ‘ribs’ up along the back of the seat moving with the passenger’s weight. “There has been considerable debate about economy class seating in the media, and many concepts which don’t actually seem to have considered the needs of the passenger”, Adam White told the magazine. “This design is completely centered around improving the passenger journey experience.”

With the world’s longest commercial flight currently clocking in at 17 hours and 35 minutes, the ergonomic seats would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to economy class.

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