Hungarian historians believe they have discovered the tomb of Suyelman the Magnificent in the south of Hungary, in the former Ottoman settlement of Turbek (also only discovered in 2013).

A portrait of Suleyman the Magnificent.

A portrait of Suleyman the Magnificent. Image by Adam Asar / CC BY 2.0

The Ottoman sultan died in 1566 during a siege of the fortress of Szigetvar and the tomb is believed to have been built over the place where his tent stood. According to Norbert Pap, a historian from the University of Pécs, historical evidence indicating that the tomb is indeed Suleyman’s has been found at the site, but more research is needed. The excavation will continue in April, as structures still to be unearthed near the tomb are thought to include a small mosque and a dervish monastery. During Suleyman the Magnificent’s 46-year rule the Ottoman Empire extended over northern Africa, Middle East and the Balkans. Read more: