TV producers in Spain are to launch a new reality TV show that follows a group of young women as they prepare to dedicate their lives to God by experiencing life in a convent.

'I want to be a nun' TV show to hit screens in Spain.

‘I want to be a nun’ TV show to hit screens in Spain. Image by Morgaine / CC BY-SA 2.0

‘I want to be a nun’ gives an exclusive look behind the scenes at life in a convent as well as following the journey of several young women who, at the end of the programme, have to decide whether they want to live permanently as a nun. The women taking part will reside in one of three convents spread across Spain – one in Madrid, Granada and Alicante – and will be expected to perform duties that range from working with hundreds of children in a crèche to going on a mission to the Bolivian jungle, as well as the day to day duties involved in preserving a 500-year-old closed order.

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