While the holidays may be over, turkey enthusiasts will be pleased that a restaurant opening in London in the spring will focus on a meat that is usually relegated to celebrations.

A restaurant in London will focus on turkey.

A restaurant in London will focus on turkey. Image by Strut & Cluck Instagram

Strut & Cluck, which started as a pop-up, will feature turkey in its dishes. According to the website: “It’s time for turkey meat to take its deserved place in the food ‘pecking order’.” But the meals won’t be the usual turkey and sides; it will feature the bird with a variety of Eastern Mediterranean foods.

London is home to a variety of specialized restaurants and pop-ups. In late November of 2014, a restaurant called the Cereal Killer Café opened up, featuring more than 100 cereals from around the world and different milk and toppings. The opening of the cereal café was followed by a restaurant focused entirely on different porridge. The café offered up eleven different types of porridge grain and different milks.