Nail salons in New York forced to treat workers fairly.

Nail salons in New York warned to treat workers fairly. Image by Joe Shlabotnik / CC BY 2.0

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a crackdown on the city’s nail salons that are enjoyed by so many wanting a quick, cheap file and polish. Under new legislation nail salons will need to ensure workers in the salons have safe and fair working conditions or face closure. ‘Our point is simple: exploitation has no place in the state of New York,’ the governor said in a statement to introduce the legislation. The move comes after an expose by the New York Times revealed many nail salon workers were being paid far below the legal minimum wage and were also subject to unfair working conditions and toxic chemicals. The new legislation will mean nail salons can be shut down if they are found to be flouting the law with regards to their employees’ rights. Read more: