A slimy mystery creature with the appearance of a slug with teeth has been found in Kazakhstan.

Mysterious slug-creatures found in Kazakh coal mine.

Mysterious slug-creatures found in Kazakh coal mine. Image by William Warby / CC BY 2.0

The creature was inside a large egg that was unearthed by a coal worker at a school in the village of Baganaly. The creature emerged from the football-sized egg after the coal worker broke it open with his shovel. The local veterinarian examined the creature, describing it as ‘hairy’ and ‘with two rows of teeth’. Unfortunately, the slug died a few hours after the egg was opened; locals froze its remains in the hopes of sending them for scientific examination. It was speculated that, if the egg had been unearthed from the nearby Maikuben coal basin, it could be a ‘relic creature’ that fell to earth from a meteorite millions of years ago, though that was not confirmed and the remains have yet to be examined by scientists.

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