Hitler’s autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ will be printed in Germany  for the first time since the end of WWII.

Mein Kampf to be reprinted in Germany.

Mein Kampf to be reprinted in Germany. Image by Kevin Wong / CC BY 2.0

Copyright for the title has been held by Bavarian authorities since the Nazis were defeated, and they banned publication of the book in the country. The copyright runs out after 70 years, however, meaning that the title falls into the public domain on 1 January 2016. The book will be published as an annotated edition by the Institute of Contemporary History, and will therefore feature comments from leading academics to give critical context to Hitler’s words. Nevertheless, the title’s re-publication is controversial, particularly amongst Jewish organisations, who believe that the book could be used for the incitement of hatred and should never be printed again. Read more: thelocal.de