Earmuffs come and go when it comes to fashion but they are always in style on Chester Greenwood Day.

Earmuffs always in fashion in Maine.

Earmuffs always in fashion in Maine. Image by Shawn Gay / CC BY 2.0

Residents of Farmington, Maine, are paying homage to the inventor of the earmuff by proudly wearing them during a parade in honour of the town’s native son. As a 15-year-old he fashioned muffs out of farm wire, and his grandmother sewed fur on to them. He improved his creation, obtained a patent and manufactured thousands of Champion Ear Protectors in Farmington.

His legacy seemed to fade away after his death in 1937, but he and the ear protectors made a comeback 40 years later when the Maine Legislature established Chester Greenwood Day.

(Press Association)