Breakfast in London has taken on a new meaning with the opening of porridge and other pop-up type cafés… but now the ultimate quirky café is opening in Shoreditch. The ‘IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café’ is set up to serve free Swedish food at the Blackall Studios, albeit for a limited time period.

Life doesn't get much better than 'Breakfast in Bed'

Life doesn’t get much better than ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Image by Fiona Henderson / CC BY 2.0

Visitors will have a menu consisting of gravlax with sour cream or dill sauce on toasted rye-bread with other appetising fare such as waffles with a range of sauces including vanilla.

The Evening Standard reports that Swedish ham and eggs is also on the menu while there will be healthier options like fruit salad and muesli.

The store is tempting those who partake in breakfast to also take a little nap – no longer than 45 minutes – in one of the nine beds available.

And if you are hard to please in settling down there will be three different pillows to choose from, while store sleep specialists will give tips on how the get a better night’s rest

The bed in breakfast experience will only last for three days, but can be booked online.