A new art installation in New York may convince even the most cynical to take part in the ultimate romantic cliché – a kiss in Times Square on Valentine’s Day.

Collective-Lok has designed kissing booths to be placed in Times Square.

Collective-LOK has designed kissing booths to be placed in Times Square. Image by Collective-Lok

Collective-LOK has designed an installation called Heart of Hearts to go on display in Times Square, which they describe as the heart of New York City, just in time for the most romantic holiday of the year.

The piece involves nine golden, mirrored hearts in a circle that will create a pavilion with a kaleidoscopic interior. Within the ring, each of the spaces creates a kissing booth “where couple find their activities mirrored, allowing both privacy and publicity within the Heart of Hearts”.

Each year, artists are commissioned to create a romantic Valentine’s art display for Times Square.

Most often filled with bright lights and tourists, on Valentine’s Day Times Square is for lovers. Last year the Times Square Alliance hosted six surprise marriage proposals, nine weddings and a vow-renewal ceremony.

The installation opens up on 9 February and will be on display until 6 March.