Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and his entourage were asked to leave the Mayan archaeological site of Tulum after he apparently tried to climb on to the ruins, a Mexican official said.

Justin Bieber disappoints fans in Oslo.

Justin Bieber tried to climb on Mayan ruins. Image by Joe Bielawa / CC BY 2.0

Bieber was visiting the seaside ruins on Thursday when the incident occurred.

The official, from the National Institute of Anthropology and History, could not specify which of the site’s structures Bieber had allegedly climbed but said he was “asked to leave”.

Visitors can climb some pre-Hispanic pyramids in Mexico, but officials rope off or place “no entry” signs on some ruins that are considered vulnerable or unstable.

Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum, Mexico. Image by Jack at Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bieber has been involved in several incidents in Latin America in recent years.

In 2013, Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto denied a tweet by Bieber saying the singer met with the leader and his family prior to a show.

Apparently, Bieber was confused about whether the president was there or not. Bieber later wrote in a tweet: “correction. I met the presidente’s family and all their friends in the private meet and greet with all their security. They were very nice.”

That same year, Bieber faced two criminal complaints and demands for refunds in Argentina, in addition to trouble with police for allegedly spraying graffiti in Brazil.

Bieber angered Argentines by abandoning a concert after less than an hour and not showing up for a photo-op that some fans paid hundreds of dollars extra for. The singer’s manager said Bieber came down with food poisoning after a concert.

One Argentine lawyer accused Bieber of sending bodyguards to attack a photographer outside a Buenos Aires nightclub.

Another accused him of defiling the national symbol by dragging two Argentine flags off stage with his feet and a microphone stand before 45,000 “beliebers” during the first of two concerts in River Plate stadium.

Bieber also walked off the stage in Brazil, ending a concert early after someone threw a plastic bottle at him, and Brazilian police tried unsuccessfully to question him about allegedly defacing a public building with graffiti, a crime that carries a year’s prison sentence.

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