Benefits like gate-to-gate internet connection and in-flight TV streaming are on their way to JetBlue flights as the company announced plans to redesign its cabins and overhaul its entertainment system, but the fleet’s new makeover won’t actually begin until later in 2016.

Jet Blue's new interior.

Jet Blue’s new interior. Image by Jet Blue

In the first redesign of its A320 fleet since its launch in 2000, the airline has brought in many new additions that will delight passengers who want to stay connected while they fly. The new cabins will now have free gate-to-gate ‘Fly-Fi’ high-speed internet, a new internet-enabled in-flight entertainment system, high-definition seat-back televisions, and in-seat power outlets with USB ports.

The company says it’s the first domestic airline in the US to launch an in-flight entertainment system that adds Wi-Fi and streaming content to the seat-back television. The entertainment system will also have on-demand movies and other content stored on the systems.

The ‘Fly-Fi’ will add free wireless high-speed internet so users can connect to the internet on their devices before take-off, instead of the previous system where passengers had to wait until the airplane reached 10,000-feet, reports CNN.

The new interiors will also see changes to the seating configuration so that they will also come with a non-technological but still coveted luxury – more legroom.

However, all the added benefits won’t be available just yet – JetBlue plans to begin changing the seating configuration in the second half of 2016 and some planes won’t be completed until 2019.

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