Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren of NASA have sent  Thanksgiving wishes to all on Earth.

In the typical tradition of Thanksgiving, the pair gave thanks for things they are grateful for, which included the opportunity to be on the space station – “the physical manifestation of what is possible”, and commended the countries that worked together to make the space station possible.

Commander Kelly went on to describe the incredible feeling of gratitude one experiences looking upon Earth from space.

Thanksgiving greetings from the International Space Station

Thanksgiving greetings from the International Space Station Image by Youtube screengrab

The two then proceeded to taste some of their Thanksgiving dinner that had been packaged for the mission. The zero gravity floating tray of food included a series of packs containing smoked turkey, corn, and candied yams. The commander tried the yams, which seemed to come out in a bizarre floating gloop,  to Lindgren’s amusement. The two finished their message and meal by doing two zero gravity flips.

According to NASA, Kelly is heading into the ninth month of his year-long mission aboard the complex, while Lindgren is wrapping up his flight and preparing for a landing in Kazakhstan in a Soyuz spacecraft on 11 December.

Watch the video here.