Twitter’s long been the go-to social-media service for travelers looking to contact companies. One hotelier, however, is now providing customer support via Facebook Messenger.


Facebook. Image by Marco Paköeningrat / CC BY-SA 2.0

If other companies follow suit (as seems likely, because don’t bet against Facebook), travelers will have another option for resolving problems on the road.

Hyatt recently started using Facebook Messenger to reply to customer inquiries, becoming one of the first brands in any sector to use the service in this manner, according to Digiday. Travelers can contact the company by opening the Facebook Messenger mobile app and searching for Hyatt or by going to its Facebook page.

The Hyatt reps responding to travelers’ Facebook queries are part of the group that replies to comments on Twitter and other social media sites. So expect the same level of service, regardless of which social media outlet you use. But when reaching out to Hyatt—or any travel provider using social media—it makes sense to do so using multiple platforms simultaneously, in case the response time is faster for one than for the other.

Hyatt hotel, Broad St, Birmingham. England.

Hyatt hotel, Broad St, Birmingham. England. Image by Elliot Brown / CC BY 2.0

As for why Hyatt started using Facebook Messenger, Dan Moriarty, director of digital strategy and activation for Hyatt, told Digiday, “Facebook Messenger might have faced backlash initially, but adoption has been through the roof.” Facebook reports that the app has more than 700 million monthly users.