They’re a bit like online dating app Tinder, only instead of seeking a date for Saturday night they are used for finding a hotel that suits one’s personality. screen shot. screen shot. Image by  asks a traveler a series of questions about their preferences, such as the names of their favorite hotel chains and amenities. It then provides recommendations for the properties they would most like booking on their next trip.

Launched earlier this year, the website is the only one that scans the words used by travelers in their online reviews of properties to detect patterns and find hotels that have been described in ways that coincide with any given user’s tastes. In a recent test, a traveler answered two minutes’ worth of questions, and recommended 6 hotels (out of 363 searched with availability by dates and price range) that looked promising. competes with in offering personalized recommendations for hotels, but it takes a somewhat different approach. Similar to what companies like Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon do, Nara asks a user to rate several hotels they have stayed at. Then it uses the answers to predict which hotels the person might like in the future.

If a traveler gives the site access to some of their Facebook data, it will also do an analysis of their social network, such as the tastes and interests of the traveler’s Facebook friends, to adjust its recommendations. This two-year old site has inventory that is limited to the US and Europe. It also offers restaurant recommendations.