Bill Simon, 64, was forced to crash land his private plane on an Arkansas highway next to a school and university.

Ex Wal-Mart CEO crash-landed his plane

Ex Wal-Mart CEO crash-landed his plane by parachute. Image by WSJ Youtube

The former Walmart CEO was on his way to Texas where he lectures at Baylor University, when his aircraft’s oil system failed. He was forced to parachute land his plane in nearby Fayetteville, managing to maneuver the plane towards a five-lane highway and release the parachute.

The plane landed next to a school and near the University of Arkansas on Martin Luther King Junior Blvd. Simon and two other men aboard the plane were immediately taken to hospital, as was a woman whose van was struck by the plane’s crash-landing. All are said to have had minor injuries.

The footage of the plane’s dramatic landing can be seen here.

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