Etihad Airlines, which earlier this year won best luxury airline, has just announced its partnership with private jet company Victor.

Etihad Airways to screen World Cup games. Image by Jennifer Kumar / CC BY 2.0

Etihad Airways. Image by Jennifer Kumar / CC BY 2.0

The added service will allow The Residence and First Apartment passengers to charter their own plane to connect to their long-haul flight at select international airports.

Etihad’s First Apartment, with one-way fares starting at $4000 between London and Abu Dhabi, and its premiere Residence—a three-room suite with Abu-Dhabi to New York fares starting at $32,000—are the airline’s most luxurious class offerings. The

Via Victor’s app Etihad customers will be able to connect their flights to the private jet service and find out which ones work between various airports.

Existing members of the airline’s frequent flyer program will get full mobile access to Victor and a $1500 starter voucher.

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