The list of dates for national holidays in China in 2016 has been announced.

China announces holiday dates for 2016.

China announces holiday dates for 2016. Image by gill_penney / CC BY 2.0

The official public holiday schedule for the following year is usually released in November and is hotly anticipated amongst Chinese citizens, as it outlines the days off that most workers will have off. The days also mark the busiest on China’s vast network of trains and buses, as most workers live far from home and use bank holidays to travel home to their families, particularly the Spring Festival and National Day ‘golden weeks’. Travellers planning trips to China in 2016 should also take the holiday schedule into account, as these days tend to be busiest not only on transport networks, but also at the country’s major sightseeing destinations and attractions.

The dates are:

1 January – New Year’s Day

7-13 February – Spring Festival (8 February – Chinese New Year)

2-4 April – Qingming Festival

30 April-2 May – Labour Day

9-11 June – Dragon Boat Festival

15-17 September – Mid-Autumn Festival

1-7 October – National Day


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