A butcher has created what he claims is the world’s most expensive sausage.

British butcher creates posh sausage.

British butcher creates posh sausage. Image by Christopher Craig / CC BY 2.0

Kevin Turner, from Aldershot, Hampshire, created the £37 sausage, which includes Mangalitsa pork, truffles, Stilton cheese, powdered cep mushrooms and vintage 1947 port, to mark British Sausage Week from November 2-8.

Speaking of the sausage, which would cost £700 per kilo, he said: “The average British sausage will cost you 35 pence each. These will be more than 100 times more expensive at £37 per sausage.

“The single bottle of port is £450, the Stilton was £250, the pork works out at £25 per kilo, the truffles at £70 and the cep mushrooms at about £50.”

He described it as a “posh banger” which might appeal to “those sausage connoisseurs with a more discerning taste”.

British Sausage Week, now in its 18th year, celebrates the taste, quality and diversity of British sausages.

(Press Association)