Brisbane, Australia will soon have its very first cat-friendly B&B.

Cat sleeping.

Cat sleeping. Image by Moyan Brenn / CC BY 2.0

Self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat lady’ Katina Balson decided to open the feline-friendly B&B in response to an overwhelming number of requests for accommodation. Feline guests will have access to the bedrooms, kitchen and living areas, with an outdoor cat run provided for those times they just need to get some fresh air.

Though created specifically for those travelling with pets, cat-lovers travelling on their own can be provided with a cat for the night.

Brisbane gets first cat B&B.

Brisbane gets first cat B&B. Image by sabianmaggy / CC BY 2.0

Ms Balson has turned pet hospitality into an art form. She recently opened the Cat Cuddle Café on Musgrave Road at Red Hill as an innovative way to connect potential owners with cats seeking adoption. The café includes a service area, in which coffee, tea and food are served, as well as a cat-cuddling area, where cats needing homes, frolic and play with potential ‘forever families’.

The proceeds from the B&B and Cat Cuddle Café go to Brisbane’s Pussy Galore cat rescue shelter, which is run by Ms Balson in conjunction with the Animal Rescue Support Network.