A Honduran firm donated 1,500kg of cow and chicken entrails to feed a farm of crocodiles and lions belonging to the Rosenthal family who had their assets frozen.

11,000 crocodiles hadn't been fed since their owners' assets were frozen

11,000 crocodiles hadn’t been fed since their owners’ assets were frozen Image by Sue Waters / CC BY 2.0

The state-run Forest Conservation Institute intervened after news that the animals had not been fed for weeks reached them. The animals had not been fed since the family’s assets had been frozen, and local media reported that the farm’s custodians and workers had refused to feed the animals until they were paid.

On Tuesday the Forest Conservation Institute received the huge donation from a regular supplier to the farm and eventually fed the animals. The donation of  1.5 tonnes of cow entrails should last a couple of days, but the FCI have said they are busy finding a permanent solution.

About 11,000 crocodiles live at the 30-hectare farm, which is used for the breeding of these animals for their skin and meat. Seven lions were also found on the farm.

A Honduran firm donated over 2 tonnes of cow entrails to the crocodile farm

A Honduran firm donated over 2 tonnes of cow entrails to the crocodile farm Image by Cath91800 / CC BY 2.0

The United States Treasury froze the Rosenthal family’s assets on “suspicion of money laundering and drug trafficking” according to the BBC. They are an extremely influential family in Honduras who own a newspaper, a bank, and a football club. The bank has entered liquidation and the newspaper has not been printed since last week. Jaime Rosenthal, 79, served as the country’s vice-president from 1986 to 1990 and ran for president. Yani Rosenthal, was a government minister from 2006 to 2009. Yankel is also a former minister and owns one of Honduras’ most famous football clubs.