Your interest may be piqued by Bangkok’s new soy sauce ice cream

Adventurous foodies visiting Thailand may be interested in a new addition to the Bangkok food scene: soy sauce ice cream. Created by Thai sauce and seasoning brand, Deksomboon, black soy sauce is combined with the ice cream mixture to create a sweet and savoury flavour combination. Fans liken the taste to savoury caramel, with the acidity of the soy sauce balanced out by the creaminess of the ice cream.

Bangkok has a new new soy sauce ice cream. Image by Deksomboom

Alongside soy sauce ice cream, non-dairy options are also available. A light plum sauce sorbet is on offer, too. For customers who prefer to have their sauce-centric dessert through a straw, they can opt for a sweet plum sauce slurpie, which tastes like frozen plum sauce straight from the tin. Soft serve machines are located within a newly-opened showroom in Chinatown, where customers also have an opportunity to purchase other condiments that are not widely available in stores.

New ice cream flavours in Bangkok include plum sauce. Image by Deksomboom

Bangkok resident, Cake Tuangporn, visited the Deksomboon showroom to trial the new flavours herself.  She says the ice cream is a must-try for soy sauce aficionados, or for those just looking to try something new and different. “The ice cream has this caramel taste with a bit of saltiness, kind of like salted caramel with a unique smell of black soy sauce,” she tells Lonely Planet. ‘Having only the ice cream was good, but if you want to enhance the flavour, you also have the actual black soy sauce that you can put on as a topping.”

Bangkok has a new soy sauce flavoured ice cream. Image by Deksomboom

Established in 1947 and originally run as a family business, the Yan Wal Yun company’s popularity grew quickly under the Deksomboon brand, which means  ‘Healthy Boy Brand’ in English. The condiments company plans to release two new soft serve flavours in the future, and while the flavours haven’t yet been announced, it has confirmed that the new options will come from its existing sauce roster. Oyster sauce ice cream, anyone?

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Your interest may be piqued by Bangkok’s new soy sauce ice cream
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