You’ll sparkle with delight when you drink glitter coffee at this London café

The current worldwide obsessions with both sparkle and coffee art have reached a quirky new height, with the news that you can order glitter coffee at a café in London.

Palm Vaults is making glitter coffee for customers. Image by Josie Roonan @jkrstyling

The shimmery delights are available from Palm Vaults in Soho’s fashionable Fiorucci store. Any hot drink on the menu can get the glitter treatment at the English café for an extra £1.50. Palm Vaults has been called ‘London’s most Instagrammable café’ thanks to its cute, quirky decor and pretty food offerings. It offers dairy-free alternatives in its hot beverages, and serves breakfast, lunch and brunch. It has a second branch in Hackney, which, alas, isn’t doing glitter coffee yet.

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Beautiful coffee has become a thing lately, and if you are in Taiwan, check out My Cofi in in Kaohsiung City. This café creates incredible 3D coffee versions of pictures that are sent in by customers. Then you have Carol Mel Café in Singapore, a café that has become known for its floral art lattes, which have delicate cherry blossom designs on top in a variety of colours and patterns. If you are near C Through cafe in Seoul, you might want to check out the intricate, colourful coffee artwork made by owner Kangbin Lee, which has attracted thousands of followers on Instagram.

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The US is getting in on the action too, as a Las Vegas barista, Mason Salisbury, has created rainbow coffee at Sambalatte to brighten up your morning.

For further information on Palm Vaults and its glitter coffee, see its website here.

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You’ll sparkle with delight when you drink glitter coffee at this London café
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