You can rent a romantic hero for a K drama tour in Seoul

It sounds like a dating site, but it’s not. However, a new tour service in Seoul is led by handsome young men who promise to make customers feel like the queen of their own personal K-drama.

Lidija meets Sean her ‘Oppa’ for a tour. Image by Hahna Yoon

Oh My Oppa – based on the term used in Korea by a woman to respectfully describe a man who is older than her – offers K-drama lovers a chance to see the Seoul of their favourite TV shows. The word oppa translates to ‘older brother’ and is used by women to refer to their actual older brothers as well as close older men and boyfriends.

Capitalising on the immense popularity of Korean men in the TV dramas, CEO Lee Joon-woo has just launched Oh My Oppa and promises that the unique tours, with an oppa, will take participants to the locations featured in romantic K-dramas, almost like a real date.

There are seven oppas featured on the tour’s website including Hue.

The Oh My Oppa website features seven tour leaders – Arami, Sean, Hue, William, Jake, Sam and Ryan. Each of their profiles show well groomed, polished photos of the men as well as a brief itinerary of what the tour will look for.

Sean, for instance, is a former model and artist who offers a tour of the Hongdae area that includes going to an animal café, walking through Gyeongui Railroad Park and browsing at a perfume store. His two-and-a-half hour tour includes entrance and coffee at the animal café and costs $70. Sean Oppa says his tours are quite flexible and the destinations may vary according to the client’s preferences.

The tours take place throughout Seoul and take in many of the top sites. Image by Getty

Tours take place throughout Seoul and attractions include the Trick Eye Museum, Gilsangsa Temple, Gwangjang Market and Lotte World Tower.

Since the oppas are not professional tour guides, however, the tours are taken as a light-hearted opportunity to pose for photos and hang out with a local. In addition to English, tours are available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. It is possible to book a group tour, but Sean Oppa says most people choose individual tours.

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You can rent a romantic hero for a K drama tour in Seoul
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