Would you like to travel the world for a year with a group and get paid for it?

It sounds like a dream come true so if you fancy travelling around the world for a year and getting paid for it, we may have come across the opportunity of a lifetime for you. World Life Experience, which is based in Lisbon, is looking to take 11 people around the world for a year in 2019, travelling, discovering, interacting and working with local people and organisations. All expenses are covered and you get paid a salary on top, and you have until 20 July to apply.

Eleven people are needed to travel the world for a year. Image: Caiaimage/Tom Merton

The first edition of the amazing experience began back in January, and it is currently taking 11 participants on a trip over three continents. For the second edition, the organisation is looking to take the successful candidates to 20 destinations across all five continents in 2019. The total stay in each city will be for two weeks and will involve a programme oriented towards social work, through integration with local organisations (NGOs), and a leisure component aimed at tourism and cultural activities. The travellers will get to know different societies and cultures, and each participant will receive a monthly wage of €2500 ($3089) from World Life Experience, who will also cover all expenses of the trip.

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Company seeks a group of people to travel the world for a year. Image by Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Applicants must be between 21 and 39 years of age and meet a specific profile. They must be responsible, empathetic, thoughtful, tolerant, communicative, proactive and flexible, and wish to work as a group. The participants chosen will be from different nationalities and will share their experience of the journey on social media. They must know English to at least intermediate level. They will be on their journey from 15 January to  27 November 2019, and will have six days to explore each city, six days to volunteer with local organisations and three free days to rest in each destination.

Group of Brazilian friends having fun at the desert
A group of 11 people can travel the world for a year and get paid for it. Image by GettyImages/andresr

Speaking about the first edition of the project, who are already two months into the experience, António Dias, head of World Life Experience, has declared it a great success so far. “The group has been in six different cities in five countries, and has worked on reforestation and permaculture projects geared toward environmental sustainability, participated in workshops with refugees and co-operated in reconstruction projects,” he says. “As the participants interact with people from the places they go, they become aware of the social, environmental and cultural diversity that exists in the world.”

World Life Experience is offering the opportunity to travel the world for a year. Image by Geber86/Getty Images

World Life Experience launched in 2017 and is a sustainability and social responsibility project that combines social objectives with a financial component that makes it a business model with economic viability. Further information on the application process for the amazing trip can be found here.

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Would you like to travel the world for a year with a group and get paid for it?
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