Win a place at the world’s first zero gravity party

How do you organise a party in space? You planet…which is pretty much what World Club Dome have done! On 7 February 2018, a specially modified A310 aircraft will take off from Frankfurt Airport with a handful of lucky competition winners from around the world on board. The flight will last 90 minutes, performing parabolic arcs to simulate a zero gravity environment. DJs Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren and W&W will be floating around on board to soundtrack the weightless experience.

The zero gravity flight is usually reserved for astronauts training with the European Space Agency, but party and space enthusiasts can win a spot on board by creating a 20-second video application and sharing it on social media with the tag #wcdZeroGravity. Dubbed ‘the world’s smallest nightclub’, there will be just two winners from each continent, so entries will need to truly be out of this world to impress.

Are you ready to party in zero gravity? Image by Screenshot from BigCityBeats on YouTube.

World Club Dome are known for hosting seriously creative party experiences, such as the 2000-capacity clubbing cruise around Europe and an ice-club-train in 2015 which was the ‘fastest club in the world’ and involved a high-speed train travelling at 320km-per-hour equipped with international DJs and partygoers. Clearly very fond of simultaneously travelling while getting a groove on, they have also created a club-jet, the ‘highest club in the world’ taking passengers clubbing in a Boeing 747.

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Win a place at the world’s first zero gravity party
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