Where are the best hotels in the US for a good night’s sleep?

There is nothing nicer than sinking into a gorgeous hotel bed with crisp sheets when you’re on holiday, so when a bed doesn’t live up to what you hoped for, it’s very disappointing. A survey by Mattress Advisor has come up with a list of the top 25 hotels in the US with the comfiest beds, as per its research. This information may be useful because good quality sleep is particularly important when you’re travelling. It’s easy to feel jet-lagged and worn out while on the move, and some people find it hard to fall asleep in a different environment.

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Mattress Advisor came to its conclusions from examining information gleaned from Facebook star ratings, as well as Google ratings. It also ran a text analysis on over 150 hotels and 7000 Facebook reviews to determine a hotel’s average sleep sentiment.  The most important hotel feature was found to be a good bed, which includes comfortable bedding, a cozy mattress and the perfect number of pillows. A total of 80.6% of respondents to the survey chose it as the single most important feature.

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The results of the information collated suggested that the 21c Museum Hotel Louisville in Kentucky is the top hotel for best sleep quality in the US. You can can actually buy the same mattress found in its rooms for for $1375/£992 if you want to bring the blissful experience home with you. Number two was the West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana, and three was the Spectator Hotel in South Carolina. The final seven in the top ten are: L’Horizon Resort & Spa in California; The Lodge on Little St Simons Island in Georgia; The Little Nell in Colorado; The Alluvian in Mississippi; Hotel Emma in Texas; Historic Park Inn Hotel in Iowa and Addy’s Villas Nakomis Motel & Vacation Rentals in Florida.

Other important features for guests included extra space, a good view from the balcony, attentive customer service and complimentary refreshments. To see the full list of the 25 best hotels for a good night’s sleep, see here.

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Where are the best hotels in the US for a good night’s sleep?
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