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Middle East & Africa Diamond goes on display in Dubai. Image by Steven Depolo / CC BY 2.0 A perfect, 100 carat diamond has been put on display in Dubai ahead of its auction next month. The diamond, discovered ten years ago in the De Beers mines of South Africa, is internally […]
Europe Tourists to Portugal’s Fafe Mountain region are in for a yabba dabba doo time as one of the area’s most iconic attractions has been turned into a local museum. Casa do Penedo, otherwise known as House of Stone, is an architectural feat built in between four giant granite boulders. Casa do Penedo. […]
Europe, Travel Trends Norwegian tourism is on the boil – thanks to ‘Frozen,’  the Disney classic which has sent visitor numbers rocketing like never before.   Northern Lights, Nordland,Lofoten. Image by GettyRF While the rest of the world has receded from the epic and the spin-off of Queen Else and Olaf merchandising, the heat is […]
Asia & the Pacific A white tiger famous for dancing to pop hit Gangnam Style died of a sudden kidney infection, according to autopsy results announced by the Chiang Mai Night Safari on Friday. A rare white tiger. Image by Caroline Granycome / CC BY-SA 2.0 Named Justin, the critically endangered tiger showed […]
Europe, Weird, Odd & Just Plain Fun A brawl between clothed teenagers and naked sunbathers erupted on a French nudist beach recently. Nudism is growing in popularity in France. Image by Gerard Fritz La Teste-de-Buch in Arcachon in south-western France has a nude zone but among the naked sunbathers, ten teenagers decided to ignore beach […]
The Americas Seinfeld fans, rejoice! Break out your best puffy shirt and head over to Queens for a little Seinfeld love fest at Hunter’s Point South Park in New York on  28 July.   Tom’s Restaurant is a well-known landmark in New York, which was shown as the exterior of Monk’s Cafe in the show […]
A mysterious prankster recently struck at a New Zealand museum, adding to the exhibits by posting slogans like “Go on touch it”. Canterbury Museum in Christchurch posted on its Facebook page explaining that someone had been adding interesting notes to the exhibits, describing the culprit as an intervention/graffiti artist. The comments are left in stickers […]
In a city where their numbers are dwindling, residents are making a concerted effort to help London’s population of hedgehogs. Advocacy group, Hedgehog Street, is improving urban areas for hedgehogs, by inspiring the British public to make their gardens hedgehog-friendly and recruit their neighbours to create “Hedgehog Streets” in their community. A London man drills […]
The Americas Mexican food might be hugely popular in the US but one man’s tamales didn’t whet the appetite of officials at Los Angeles Airport. Hot tamales seized at LAX. Image by Daniel / CC BY-SA 2.0 The passenger was stopped by customs authorities as he tried to bring 450 pork tamales into […]
The Americas, Editor’s Pick A species of glassfrog in Costa Rica. Image by llisa / CC BY-SA 2.0 Photos of a newly discovered species of frog on the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica have gone viral due to its likeness to Jim Henson’s popular Muppet Kermit the Frog. The new species of glassfrog […]
The Americas, Editor’s Pick The critic sees by Jasper Johns. Image by Jon Seidman / CC BY 2.0 The Art Institute of Chicago has just landed a major new addition to its permanent collection: 42 pieces of art with an estimated value of $400 million. The collection, which includes nine artworks by Andy […]