“We can do what we want at any time,” how one couple fell in love with vanlife

After experiencing life travelling in a van while in Australia, German couple of ten years, Frank Stoll and Selina Mei decided there was no reason not to continue living the dream when they returned to their homeland.

The couple are living the good life as they explore the world. Image by PinePins / mediadrumworld.com

“When we went to Australia and New Zealand, we had our first great experience with van life,”  Frank explains.  “It felt so good to travel without a fixed time schedule and be free to start every day completely new.  It started off as something we only did abroad but when we got back to Germany we really missed it.”  The couple saw no reason not to keep their passion for travel alive when back on home soil, so after an exhaustive search they found one right for them, buying a Volkswagen T4 and evening naming it Rudi. The couple spent around £10.5K (€ 12K) buying their van and getting it up to scratch.

Breath-taking pictures taking in the glorious landscapes they drive through on their travels. Image by PinePins / mediadrumworld.com

“Since we bought our van Rudi, we have been traveling around our home base in Germany and France. We have also been on some trips to beautiful Switzerland and Italy.  A series of photos from the road give a glimpse into the lives of the couple, from preparing dinner, relaxing in the back of the van and taking in the glorious landscapes they drive through on their travels.

Preparing dinner in the back of the van. Image by PinePins / mediadrumworld.com

The couple spent a lof of spare time renovating and customising the van to their needs.  “When we bought the van, there was already a cabinet construction in it which was perfect for us. We still did a lot to the build and the cabinets.  We changed a lot of the surface with new wood, painted the whole cabinets, laid flooring and so on. Most of it was just to make the van fit our style and how we like it.

The pair take stunning pictures on their trips. Image by PinePins / mediadrumworld.com

Frank works as a Visual Merchandiser and Selina is a student, the nature-loving pair share their adventures under the Instagram handle, Pine Pins. They are currently thinking about going on a road trip through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.  “Life in the van is actually really relaxed. Everything is a bit slower and calmer. We take our time to get things done and we take more time for things like cooking or reading a book than we do at home,” added Frank.

Couple of ten-years, Frank Stoll (28) from Freudenstadt, Germany and Selina Mei (27) from Rottweil, Germany. Image by PinePins / mediadrumworld.com

“There are definitely more stressful days especially when it is cold and everything is wet and dirty and you just want to get things done but it’s always a little adventure.  The great thing is that when we are on the road there is no daily routine at all. That is what we love about travelling in our van. Everyday brings something new and we can do what we want at any time.

The couple are enjoying life on the road. Image by PinePins / mediadrumworld.com

One take out that the couple says is the “We love being out in nature. The close and special connection you get with your environment while travelling in a van is priceless.  We don’t think we will ever be able to wake up in a better way than in our van for example, in a remote forest where there is nothing but wilderness and wildlife around you.  What advice would they offer to anyone considering investing in a van for the purposes of travel?  “If you are attracted to traveling in a van, just do it and don’t wait for something to come up, it’s all your decision and choice.”

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“We can do what we want at any time,” how one couple fell in love with vanlife
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