If the idea of a mega yacht that can brave the icy waters of the Arctic Circle complete with a helicopter and submarine excites you, then the Scenic Eclipse might be right up your street.

Scenic Eclipse is the first luxury adventure yacht

Scenic Eclipse is the first luxury adventure yacht Image by Scenic

A project that mirrors the historic building of the Titanic, an Australian luxury cruise company, Scenic, is building what is being described as the first ever adventure yacht. The Scenic Eclipse yacht will be able to transport 228 passengers and will come with an equal number of crew to look after them. It’s currently being built in Croatia and is set to be launched in the summer of 2018 when it will set sail in the Meditteranean, Nortern European and Caribbean waters, as well as in Arctic waters and Antarctica.

The luxury adventure yacht will have 12 inflatable tenders or Zodiacs to bring passengers ashore and into remote locations. It will also be transporting a small submarine capable of navigating Artcic and Antarctic waters, as well as snorkelling, scuba equipment and kayaks for its most enterprising passengers.

But the Scenic Eclipse delivers luxury as much as it delivers adventure. The cabins are all lavishly decorated and put together as luxury suites, each no smaller than 32 square metres and complete with full butler service. The best cabin on board. the Owner’s Suite, comes in at 233 square metres!

What’s more every taste and interest will be catered to aboard the Scenic Eclipse. There will be a 240 seat theatre, a pool with a retractable roof, a spa, a gym and a yoga studio, as well as six different restaurants to choose from, providing Italian, Pan-Asian, and French food.

The Scenic Eclipse according to an artist's rendition

The Scenic Eclipse according to an artist’s rendition Image by Screengrab from Scenic Canada

What is perhaps most exciting about the Scenic Eclipse is its focus on Antarctic and Arctic exploring. For cruises in these polar regions the number of passengers is set to be lowered to 200 in order to make it more manageable, as in Antarctica only 100 people are allowed on shore at a time. It will have an  Ice Class 1A Super for sailing in the polar waters which is totally innovative for cruises of this type.

The Australian company will be using an all-inclusive charging model, with only excursions involving helicopters and submarines costing more, whilst all other land excursions are included in the total price.

The maiden voyage is set for 31 August 2018 and will sail from Istanbul to Venice.

Watch the video  here.