Top airline launches the first low-cost flights from the UK to South America

Norwegian Air has revealed major plans for expansion of its long-haul flights out of the UK.  The carrier was founded in Norway but has a UK subsidiary and this week launched the UK’s first low-budget flights to Buenos Aires in South America.

Caminito street
The new flights will bring passengers into the heart of Argentina. Image by GettyImages/

With fares from £259 one-way, the airline also plans to offer onward connections via new domestic services to cities in Latin America. The airline will also see onboard improvements, increased route frequencies with its Dreamliners fleet to be based in Gatwick Airport.

With plans to roll out in-flight Wi-Fi on our long-haul flights, Norwegian will be in a better position to increasingly target business passengers as we also have plans for more exciting routes and flights to the USA, South America, and Asia,” Bjorn Kjos, Chief Executive Officer at Norwegian said in a statement that was laden with their plans.

With huge global ambitions, we’re confident that the UK can offer Norwegian a springboard to further expansion as we aim to become the long-haul airline of choice for passengers seeking a high-quality service at great value.”

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This is quite a feat for Norwegian Air! Image by GettyImages/Mats Anda

Not only that but Norwegian are also exploring further expansion into Asia following the success of its Gatwick to Singapore route; the world’s longest low-cost non-stop route to the country. Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing are all on the cards depending on if the airline gains across to the Siberian corridor across Russia.

Shibuya Crossing at Night
Tokyo could be next on the list for Norwegian Air. Image by Getty Images/Yongyuan Dai

From 2020, the airline’s transatlantic endeavours will also get a boost with the launch of the Airbus321LR which may see flights from Gatwick to US cities such as Detroit, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia. These narrow-body single-aisle planes look similar to those used on short-haul flights in Europe but have a longer range.

Norweigan Air flew more than 5.1 million UK passengers in 2017 and was number 30 on the list of top 100 airlines in the world last year.

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Top airline launches the first low-cost flights from the UK to South America
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