Thousands of people worldwide want to move to Ireland to become cat cuddlers

When an Irish veterinary clinic advertised for a cat cuddler to join its team a few months ago, it was astonished at how many people from around the world felt it was the purrfect job for them. Over 3000 people applied for the position, and those from abroad indicated that they were prepared to up sticks and move to Dublin if selected for their dream job.

Thousands of people worldwide applied for a job as a cat cuddler. Image: by CaoWe

Among those who applied to Just Cats Veterinary Clinic and Cattery were prospective cat cuddlers from Malaysia, the Netherlands, Chile, Lebanon, India, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia, US, Colombia, Dubai, Mexico, New Zealand, China, UK, France, and Malta. “It has been phenomenal, and we are still getting 40 applications per day from every corner of the world,” Roisin Foran from the clinic tells Lonely Planet. “We weren’t expecting such a worldwide interest.”

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Cat-lovers were prepared to move to Dublin to become cat cuddlers. Photo by Sergei Savostyanov/TASS via Getty Images

The advertisement sought a crazy cat person with the right ‘cattitude,’ and he or she was required to have gentle hands, primed for petting and stroking cats for long periods of time. They needed to be softly-spoken and capable of cat whispering to calm the nerves of some of the in-patients. An ability to understand different types of purring was considered a distinct advantage.

An Irish clinic was inundated with applicants for a cat cuddler. Image: FatCamera

“The reason for wanting a cat cuddler on our team was because it’s very scary and daunting for anybody to have surgery, let alone animals,” Roisin says. “You can’t explain the reasons they are here to them or what is going to happen? We were looking for a cuddler to help the cat recover after surgery and to reassure them as they come out of anaesthesia. We wanted somebody to hold their paw and pet them and tell them that it will all be okay. Having a cat cuddler ensures that no cat is waking up on their own and being frightened. It also helps them not to fear the vet and makes any follow-up appointments a lot less scary for them.”

Thousands of people applied to become cat cuddlers in an Irish veterinarian clinic. Image: Skynesher/Getty Images

The job post was published in May 2017 by the Just Cats Veterinary Clinic and Cattery, which is the only clinic just for cats in Dublin. Naturally, this rare and wonderful vacancy has now been filled.

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Thousands of people worldwide want to move to Ireland to become cat cuddlers
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