This travelling artist uses simple paper cups as his canvas

While many travellers pick up a camera to document their travels, one Turkish artist is capturing locations around the world on humble paper cups.

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Berk Armağan is an artist from Istanbul. He got the idea to create paintings and drawings on cups as a surprise for his best friend about two years ago. He told Lonely Planet that his friend a frequent customer at Starbucks, so “you can understand how the idea came to my mind.”

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Berk then decided he wanted to start travelling more within Turkey and abroad. However, as many travellers know, it takes a bit of cash to afford to see new places and Berk said he didn’t have the money he needed to start checking destinations off his bucket list.

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But, he realised that he might be able to turn his hobby of making cup art into a way to make money, selling the cups in order to get the funds to travel.

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He began selling his cup art on the street back in October of 2016. Since then he has visited 36 cities in 19 countries, mostly with the money he saved from selling his works, he told Lonely Planet. His subjects range from recreating works from famous artists like Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam, to capturing the architecture of cities like Belgrade and Dresden.

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So far, he says that Norway and Italy are his favourite places, but he doesn’t plan to slow down on travelling. He’s currently planning a trip to South America where he’s sure to find inspiration to keep creating as many works of art as possible.

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This travelling artist uses simple paper cups as his canvas
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