This travel company wants to pay “slackers” to do absolutely nothing

Considering making the switch from the hustle and bustle of the nine to five? Well here is some good news. One company is seeking four people for a fixed-term position that would see them doing…absolutely nothing.

The position requires workers to don summer clothes and relax in a Stockholm office.
The position requires workers to don summer clothes and relax in a Stockholm office. Image by Getty Images

Created by TUI travel agency, the intriguing job listing starts promisingly, asking, “Have you ever fallen asleep at work? Do you like the idea of vacation? Do you like money? Then keep on reading”, before stating that the ideal candidate would take pride in doing as little as possible at all costs, as well as possessing the capability to daydream of sunny days, and have no interest in interacting with others. Showing no ability to multitask at all is also listed as being beneficial, but not required.

The position is based in Stockholm, affording employees the opportunity to explore the city after their shifts. Image by Scanrail/Getty Images

The official title of the position is “Fakeation specialist”, and the role will see the four chosen employees being based in the heart of Stockholm for two weeks, from 22 January to 4 February. Employees will be given a nine-square-metre office that they will share with a colleague, and take part in shifts from 7am to 1pm and from 1pm to 7pm that will see them sitting in beach chairs in summer outfits with their feet in sand. Alternatively, workers can choose to lie on a beach towel, take naps, read books, listen to music or meditate.

Close up on feet in sand
Employees can sit with their feet in sand, lie on beach towels, or meditate. Image by Getty Images

“I think the idea of doing nothing is appealing in this day and age. People love having holidays and relaxing. We put a great deal of effort into research on what our customers want. And even if we see great demand for different kind of experience, doing nothing is big part of the holiday experience. Even better if you can get paid for it. The response has only been positive and we are absolutely overwhelmed by the number of applicants we got! At this moment we have more than 2150 applicants, with over 850 being from outside Sweden,” Johan Ydring, Head of Brand and Performance Marketing at TUI told Lonely Planet Travel News.

People interested in applying have been asked to write a couple of lines about who they are and why they would suit the position, as well as attaching a picture or video of themselves relaxing, preferably in a busy environment.

The position is open for applications until 14 January. More information on it is available here.

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This travel company wants to pay “slackers” to do absolutely nothing
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