This travel blogger matches movie locations with their famous scenes

An Instagram account that has become highly-popular recently is one where a German travel and film blogger tracks down where movie scenes were filmed, and goes to the locations and matches them with film stills. Andrea David’s Instagram page is filled with fascinating images from all sorts of iconic movies and classic TV programmes.

Andrea David tracks down where key scenes in movies were filmed -and matching them with stills. Image: Andrea David

Andrea lives in Hamburg, Germany, and when she studied tourism management in Munich, she decided to write her thesis on the influence of films on where we choose to travel. This enabled her to combine her love of cinematography and film with her background as a former travel agent.

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“While doing research in 2004 I gained a taste for it and started travelling to various filming locations,” Andrea tells Lonely Planet. “After my thesis, I continued travelling this way because I really enjoyed it, and I decided to share my experiences and adventures with other people who might also be interested.”

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“A lot of people wrote to me saying that they are grateful, because they finally know if and where they can find the places they long to see,” she adds. “Others said they have received great new travel ideas, and this has motivated me to continue.”

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The reaction to Andrea’s amazing images has been great, and her travel blog,, has 120,000 visitors per month and she has over 80,000 followers on Instagram. She is delighted that people following her are getting inspired for their own journeys and following the trail of movies and TV series. She is also working with tourism boards and travel companies to create film-focused travel content and programmes.

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When asked about her favourite film locations to date, Andrea says that one is Tollymore Forest in Northern Ireland, which featured in Game of Thrones. “It’s where the whole story began when the Starks found the direwolf pups in the very first episode,” she says. “I fell in love with that peaceful place.”

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Andrea is also a huge fan of Star Wars and James Bond, and these movies naturally deliver plenty of travel ideas. She also loves travelling to the locations of old film classics, such as the real Kellerman’s Resort in Virginia where Dirty Dancing was filmed, and the village near Atlanta seen in Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café. “These locations still benefit from their presence in a film even after decades,” she says.

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To check out the amazing images for yourself, follow Andrea’s travel blog here and Instagram page here.

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This travel blogger matches movie locations with their famous scenes
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