This pioneering ultra-luxury cruise will visit all seven continents and 32 countries

An incredible new cruise that visits seven continents and 32 countries has been launched by Silversea. The ultra-luxury cruise line industry announced that the pioneering voyage on the Silver Whisper will start in 2020.

Silver Wind, London, 2017, Tower Bridge, River Thames, South Bank
The incredible Silver Wind will make the epic journey. Image by Silversea/Simon Harvey Photography Ltd

Tickets are now open for the epic adventure that will take 140 days and will depart from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The World Cruise 2020 will include long stays in a variety of the world’s capital cities and will pass through places like Norway’s stunning Northern and Southern Fjords. From Florida, the mega-ship will head through the Caribbean and along the northern shores of South America. It will then round Cape Branco and set course for the Antarctica Peninsula. Journeying on from Antarctica the cruise will transport guests around Cape Horn, through the Chilean Fjords and towards French Polynesia visiting islands such as Bora Bora, Papeete, and Vanuatu.

Panoramic view of Reine, Lofoten, Norway
View of the incredible fjord seascape in Norway that passengers will see. Image by GettyImages/

With the potential to hold 382 passengers, the ship will then make its way to Sydney and Melbourne, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Mumbai. Navigating the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, the ship will continue on to France, Spain and Portugal and Dublin in the direction of the Norwegian Fjords. The World Cruise 2020 will conclude in Amsterdam on 25 May.

Thatched beach hut in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Luxury on the Caribbean Sea is all ahead of the passengers. Image by GettyImages/© Marco Bottigelli

“This itinerary not only demonstrates Silversea’s destination expertise and willingness to innovate but also our care and attention to our guests’ preferences: we have sought feedback from our most loyal World Cruisers in order to create the only seven-continent World Cruise available” Barbara Muckermann, chief marketing officer at Silversea said.

The Silver Suite aboard the ship. Image by Silversea/Antonio Vanni

“In utmost luxury, guests will witness unforgettable spectacles, experience unexpected events, and can enjoy a tailor-made collection of overland programmes. Silversea invites the curious, the adventurous, and the pioneers of travel to experience the earth’s most authentic beauty, which remains out of reach for most.”

Suites on the World Cruise 2020 are available from US$62,000 (€49,000 or £55,000) per person. Included in the price are round-trip business air travel, US$4000 (€3230) on-board spending money per suite, unlimited Wi-Fi, an expedition parka, laundry and medical services, and visa packages for guests of select nationalities, among other alluring amenities. Guests can reserve their places aboard Silver Whisper by calling Silversea on +377-9770-2424 or visiting a local travel agent.

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This pioneering ultra-luxury cruise will visit all seven continents and 32 countries
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