This online service will tell you how to get a better price on your hotel room

If you ever worried that you have overpaid for a hotel room, then this service which monitors room rates may be exactly what you are looking for.

An online service will tell you if your hotel room price goes down. Image by ©Maskot/Getty Images

Pruvo tracks the cost of rooms over time, and if the price of accommodation happens to plummet closer to your stay, it will help you rebook. The only condition, of course, is that you reserve your rooms with free cancellation because otherwise, it’s not possible to extricate yourself from the booking.

Doron Nadivi of Pruvo told Lonely Planet: “In 2016, 35 million Americans travelled abroad and spent on average $89 per night on lodging. These numbers are pretty much similar worldwide. However, the troubling stat is that 14 million of these travellers – around 40 percent – unnecessarily overpaid up to 67% for their hotels. Though many of them probably did extensive research prior to booking, they were not aware that hotel prices tend to drop between the moment of booking until checking in.”

It’s easier to relax when you get a good deal on a hotel. Image by JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images

The idea was born when the founders booked a hotel room, and a few days later decided they would like to upgrade their room. When they logged back on, they discovered the exact same room they had originally booked was now 35% cheaper.

For the service to work for you, you simply send your room reservation to Pruvo and they will then track the price of the room in the run-up to your holiday. If the price doesn’t go down, then nothing happens and you simply go ahead with your original plan. If however, the price does fall – and according to Pruvo, it will in two in five bookings – then they’ll rebook your room at the new lower rate.

The service, which has been nicknamed the Robin Hood of the hotel industry, is free and has saved customers over $800,000 in the past two years.

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This online service will tell you how to get a better price on your hotel room
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