This California hotel is launching a weed dispensary on site

A California hotel has announced plans to open a weed dispensary on site, allowing guests and locals to stop in for some artisanal edibles.

The Standard Hollywood will open its own dispensary in early 2018, following last year’s state-wide vote to legalize recreational marijuana. The project will be the flagship shop of Lord Jones, an LA-based cannabis company that produces edible and topical weed-based products. The hotel and the company will also collaborate on an exclusive line of products. The dispensary will not be limited to guests only, and the hotel’s location on Sunset Boulevard is likely to make the dispensary popular with the public as well.

View of Hollywood Boulevard at sunset. In 1958, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was created on this street as a tribute to artists working in the entertainment industry. Image by ©View Apart/Shutterstock

When it comes to the products that will be on offer, Lord Jones is trying to bring an artisanal flair to marijuana edibles. The company has previously launched a collaboration with the Icelandic post-rock ban Sigur Rós. Together they created a flavour of gumdrops called “Wild Sigurberry” that is based on the foraged berries of Iceland.

States that have legalized marijuana have generally seen growth in weed-related tourism in its wake. In Colorado, marijuana has seeped into the industry with offerings like “Bud and Breakfast”, a hotel dedicated to those interested in weed culture. There’s even one company that’s hosted four-course pot-pairing meals where people can sample some of the local bud alongside their dishes.

Nevada, where marijuana sales became legal on 1 July, had such a run on weed in the months after legalization that the state actually began to run out. With Las Vegas already enjoying a role as a top destination for travellers, it’s only natural for many people to want to sample the local wares. However, while it’s legal for people over 21 to buy weed and smoke it in a private home, it’s not legal for travellers to use in hotels.

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This California hotel is launching a weed dispensary on site
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