This Berlin eatery has officially made the world’s cheesiest pizza

If you’re the kind of person who loves pizza but thinks it’s never cheesy enough, we’ve got some good news. A restaurant in the German capital has just been awarded a world record for making the cheesiest pizza on the planet.

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Taking the title from a small pizzeria in Portland, Oregon (which only managed to use a measly 101 different types of cheese), Vadoli in Berlin teamed up with a delivery site to wow Guinness World Records officials. From Roquefort to Reblochon and Pecorino to Picandou, the record-breaking pizza features an exciting array of 111 cheeses – leading it to be dubbed the Pizza Centoundici Formaggi.

The restaurant in Berlin beat the previous record-holder in Oregon. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

Chefs at the restaurant created ten of the über cheesy pizzas, each one adorned with 288.6g of pure cheese. Guinness World Records judge Lena Kuhlmann was accompanied by dairy expert Martina Loeser, who assessed the cheeses. “Every bite tastes different,” Kuhlmann said as she assessed the quality of the pizza. “The crust and the base look crispy and none of it is burnt.”

The cheesy pizza won’t be on the menu for now. Image by

In addition to traditional cheeses like mozzarella and parmesan, the loaded pizza contained more exotic options such as the local Bergblumenkäse, and an 18-month aged Comté. “With this record we’re pushing the boundaries and bringing variety to the next level, showing what a pizza can really do,” General Manager Nikolay Abrosov said. Sadly for cheese-loving locals, the pizza was only a one-off and won’t be hitting the restaurant’s menu any time in the near future.

Words: Ryan Barrell

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This Berlin eatery has officially made the world’s cheesiest pizza
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