This airline will help you get free accommodation in Europe as a pet sitter

A European airline will soon let customers book a pet sitter – or get free accommodation by pet sitting – at the same time they book their flights.

If you can’t take your dog with you, why not use an airline that will get you a pet-sitter. Image by kate_sept2004/Getty Images

EasyJet has announced the new service to help would-be travellers who are hindered by their reluctance to leave beloved pets behind and assist those who want to score free accommodation in exchange for a bit of work.

The British airline has teamed up with the international house and pet sitting business, TrustedHousesitters, which can already be used by registered members who pay a fee of £89 to be a member. Launching sometime in early 2018, the new service will let EasyJet’s European customers to choose a free house-sitter for their pet – or be a pet sitter in exchange for a free place to stay – when booking flights on, though you’ll have to sign up for a membership.

Take care of goats and get accommodation for free. Image by ©Verity E. Milligan/Getty Images/Flickr RF

The service is being added after an EasyJet survey found that about 58% of passengers said they would travel more if they had better pet care solutions. Soon, the airline will allow pet owners to match with members of the TrustedHousesitters online community to look after their homes, and animal lovers will be able to explore Europe, looking after pets. However, this may not just be cuddly cats and dogs, pet sitters could be looking after animals like chickens, pigs and goats. According to EasyJet, the accommodation on the site could be anything from French chateaus to Paris apartments, which could be quite an advantage for travellers who are short on funds. The company says there are even entire Greek islands listed on the site. 

“There are millions of pet owners in desirable locations all over the world without adequate pet care, we can now enable them to travel more often with peace of mind, boosting tourism while giving people more authentic travel experiences… Our speciality is connecting people with authentic and amazing places to stay which include the company of an adorable pet, easyJet’s speciality is getting people there – I think we will make a great team,” said TrustedHousesitters managing director Tim Lyons.

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This airline will help you get free accommodation in Europe as a pet sitter
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