These ancient Roman mosaics are going to find a new, very public home

Building a new metro line in Rome has proved to be a slow process, as the construction works have been unearthing incredible archaeological finds along the way. The latest discovery during excavations are incredible mosaics found in what is thought to have been the home of a military commander, which will be used to adorn the new Metro C – Amba Aradam station when it opens.

Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) recently announced that archaeologists found the remains of two buildings that are adjacent to barracks that were discovered in 2016.

Details from the military barracks. Image by MiBACT

This new site is thought to be part of a military complex from the Hadrianic period in the second century. Currently, due to connections to the barracks, the archaeologists believe that the latest piece would have been the home of the commander.

Details from the military barracks. Image by MiBACT

There were 14 rooms found in the area, centred on a courtyard with fountains and pools. There are white marble and grey slate mosaics, depicting animals and other patterns. The ministry says changes had been made to the rooms over time, but the building was kept in good condition. The recently-discovered building and the barracks, found in 2016, were both abandoned intentionally in the third century for the construction of the Aurelian Walls that were intended to fortify the city.

The incredible military barracks discovered in Rome. Image by MiBACT

While the discoveries during the construction of the metro line have certainly slowed its progress, the Telegraph reports that the mosaics will be removed, cleaned and then installed within the new station – which will sure make for an incredible stop along the way.

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These ancient Roman mosaics are going to find a new, very public home
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