The “world’s largest air purifier” is combating pollution in China

Scientists in China have built what has been dubbed the world’s largest air purifier. In a bid to combat China’s ongoing air pollution problems, scientists in Xi’an have erected a 100-metre-tall tower designed to help improve air quality.

Aerial view of a 328-foot tower, the world’s biggest air purifier, to combat smog and other air pollution in Xi’an city.  Image by Imaginechina

The tower is surrounded by a series of greenhouses, which collect polluted air and heat it up. The warm air then rises into the tower, where a series of filters clean it of pollutants. The air is then released back into the atmosphere from the top of the tower.

Scientists have already seen an improvement in air pollution since the purifier started operation.  Image by Imaginechina

Though it is still in the testing phase, scientists say they have already observed an improvement in the air quality over ten square kilometres across the city. The tower is able to pump out ten million cubic metres of clean air everyday. The project’s head research scientist, Cao Junji, told the South China Morning Post that the tower was able to combat smog down to moderate levels on heavily polluted days. 

Xi’an is one of the four ancient capitals of China, and is home to the world-famous Army of Terracotta Warriors, and is well-known as the eastern end of the historical Silk Road. Like many cities in China, its heating relies heavily on coal, which can result in excess air pollution during the winter months.

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The “world’s largest air purifier” is combating pollution in China
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