The world’s first Monopoly hotel will open in Kuala Lumpur in 2019

If you’re a fan of a certain popular board game, you may want to plan a holiday to Malaysia as the world’s first Monopoly hotel will open in its capital, Kuala Lumpur, in 2019.

A Monopoly Hotel will open in Malaysia in 2019. Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The five-star, 225-room Monopoly Mansion will have the distinctive character of the Monopoly game and a 1920s’ Gatsby feel. It is bound be be an attraction as the board game has been played by more than one billion people in 114 countries around the world in its 83-year history. It will be housed at the M101 Bukit Bintang, which is currently under construction, and will be managed and operated by M101’s Sirocco Group. A licensing agreement was recently signed by M101 and American multinational entertainment company, Hasbro, which owns the world-famous board game.

The world’s first Monopoly Hotel will open in Kuala Lumpur. Image by M101 Group

Monopoly is a board game where players roll dice to move around the board, buying and trading properties and developing them with houses and hotels. They collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy. It was first launched on the market in 1935 and has remained a constant in the board game firmament. The developers of the hotel are hoping that the hotel will prove to be a similar draw.

The Monopoly board game is popular all over the world. Image: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

“Nowadays, choosing a hotel it is not only about a good night’s sleep,” Malayia’s tourism and culture minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, said at the licencing agreement signing ceremony. “Millennials are looking for a memorable experience influenced by ambience, architecture, panoramic views and objects. Other generations too are placing increasing value on distant experiences and actively seeking them when travelling. Hotels such as the Monopoly Mansion, which offers thematic amenities and not to mention its strategic location, would encourage visitors to Malaysia to not only lengthen their stay, but to return to visit us again.”

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The world’s first Monopoly hotel will open in Kuala Lumpur in 2019
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