Aside from the medicinal properties of beer – namely its ability to numb your woes – the cold stuff can also be used in cooking to make food taste even better.

11 ways to cook your ale on International Beer Day.

11 ways to cook your ale on International Beer Day. Image by PA


It’s International Beer Day, and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 11 ways to cook your beer, especially for those who aren’t hugely into drinking 20-odd pints in one session.

1. Beer mac and cheese

Recipe here.

2. Beer battered fish and chips

If you fancy replicating chip shop fish and chips, try this recipe.

3. Beer soup

Sounds a little odd? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried this recipe.

4. Beer beef stew

Try out this Jamie Oliver beef and ale stew.

5. Beer bread

Trust us, it’s good. Try this recipe.

6. Beer cheese fondue

You absolutely need to try this cheese fondue recipe if you’re a fan of dunking things.

7. Beer marshmallow sandwich

Here’s a recipe for chocolate-dipped beer marshmallows, which you can adapt as you please.

8. Lager jelly and ice cream

Okay, so we don’t have a recipe for this one, but thought it was worth including. If you want to experience this, visit STK London restaurant, or have a play around at home with a few Carlings and a pack of jelly.

9. Guinness cake

This chocolate Guinness cake is by Nigella Lawson, so you know it’s good.

10. Beer can chicken

Finally, an excuse to attempt to make beer can chicken!

11. Beer BBQ sauce

You can put this on anything. Literally. Recipe here.