The most romantic city in America might not be what you’d expect

If you want to ensure you have the most romantic Valentine’s Day in America, you might want to plan a trip to an unexpected location.

You won’t guess the most romantic city in the US. Image by Lumina Images/Getty Images

The seaside community of Biloxi, Mississippi has been named the most romantic city in the country, according to the online restaurant reservation site OpenTable. The 2018 ranking of the top 25 cities for romance – which was released in time for Valentine’s Day – ranks spots based on “where romantic dining is inherently part of the culture”. This is calculated on three factors: the percentage of restaurants that are rated as romantic in OpenTable reviews, the percentage of tables seated for two, and the percentage of people who ate there for Valentine’s Day last year.

Biloxi is a small town on the beach, located right on the Mississippi Sound. Its location, surrounded by water, means that travellers head there to enjoy its white sand beaches and amazing seafood restaurants – and a lot of casino resorts. If that’s not really your style, you can check out the second most romantic city – Alabama’s largest city, Birmingham. Birmingham may be known as a manufacturing centre, but it also has a great dining scene. In the third spot is Virginia Beach, which is also a beachfront destination, ups the romance as well.

The seaside community of Biloxi, Mississippi is the most romantic city in the US. Image by Fotosearch/Getty Images

The top ten cities for romance are: Biloxi, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Providence, Rhode Island; Reno, Nevada; Carmel, California; and Memphis, Tennessee. See the full 25 top cities here.

“From cozy seaside settings such as Carmel to hip urban locales like Brooklyn, this year’s standout cities and their dining scenes are attracting diners and inspiring romance,” said Caroline Potter, chief dining officer for OpenTable, in a statement. “These breakout romantic dining destinations are staking their claims as hot spots for couples who celebrate their relationship with enchanting restaurant experiences on Valentine’s Day – and every day.”

But, once you’re in one of the best cities, you might still need to pick a restaurant. Thankfully, OpenTable also recently released a list of the 100 most romantic restaurants around the country – but you might have to rush to get a reservation.

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The most romantic city in America might not be what you’d expect
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