The most popular Valentine’s Day destinations on Airbnb have been revealed

Planning a romantic getaway but don’t know where to head? Airbnb has revealed the top destinations where travellers can spice things up this Valentine’s Day. From charming B&Bs to eclectic bungalows that ooze comfort, it sounds like couples will be cosying up in all sorts of accommodation this love-filled season.

According to Airbnb, though the top five destinations include classics like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles, there are also more unexpected destinations for the more adventurous in locations like Barranquilla (Colombia), Recife (Brazil), Costa de la Luz (Spain), and Salvador (Brazil).

It’s no surprise that Paris makes the list! Image by ©encrier/Getty Images

While Paris was always going to be on the list when it comes to romance, here’s the lowdown on the emerging trending destinations on Airbnb:

Barranquilla, Colombia

The bustling seaport of Barranquilla that’s flanked by the Magdalena River is bound to entice lovers on what’s known there as “El día del amor y la Amistad” (day of love and friendship). The city is well known for its famous Carnivals which showcase astonishing elaborate floats, costumed, colourful performers and music.

GettyImages-758482773 (1)
Get those dancing shoes ready for Colombia! Image by GettyImages/Jose Santiago / EyeEm

Salvador and Recife, Brazil

Salvador, with its Portuguese colonial architectural influence and its Afro-Brazilian culture, is along a tropical coastline. Couples can saunter around the Pelourinho neighbourhood with houses beautiful cobblestone alleys that open onto large squares and surrounded by colourful buildings.

Aurora Street
Aurora Street, an old and famous place in Recife, will inspire loved ones as the sun goes down. Image by GettyImages/João Paulo Bernardes

Meanwhile, Recife is largely distinguished by its peninsulas, rivers and its emphases on the sea. Recife Antigo, a historic old town dating back to the 16th century is on its own island by the harbour and oozes romance whereas nearby the Boa Viagem Beach is sheltered by reefs; perfect for that romantic sunset stroll.

Costa de la Luz, Spain

A section of the Andalusian coast that faces the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the Costa de La Luz (the “Coast of Light”) stretches from Tarifa in the south to the mouth of the Guadiana River. If you’re looking for a beach getaway, then this is it. For the couples seeking a thrill, aside from the sunshine, there are ample opportunities and facilities for leisure activities, kitesurfing, golf and other water sports.

Playa Victoria beach, Cádiz
Playa Victoria beach with golden sands just waiting to be walked on! Image by GettyImages/

Sound tempting? Here are just some of the other places that Airbnb are recommending:

The Tile House in Twentynine Palms, near Joshua Tree National Park, is the perfect colourful home. Image by Airbnb
This unique geodesic dome is located close to the old town of Colonia, Uruguay. Image by Airbnb
Adorable Garden Gingerbread House
The Adorable Garden Gingerbread House is located in Maui and is said to have been host to Jimi Hendrix in the 1970s. It’s 10 minutes from the crashing waves on the beach. Image by Airbnb
Sleep under the stars in a fully immersive state-of-the-art ‘bubble’ at Campera Hotel Burbuja in Ensenada, Mexico, the only one of its kind in North America. Image by Airbnb
Take a romantic journey on this spacious houseboat in Charleston, South Carolina. Image by Airbnb

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The most popular Valentine’s Day destinations on Airbnb have been revealed
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