The most desired Airbnbs in every country will inspire your 2018 travel goals

With 2017 almost at an end, many avid travellers may be running low on funds or vacation days, but that’s no reason to stop dreaming of the perfect holiday for 2018. Thankfully, Airbnb has released the most “wish-listed” homes in every country around the world to spark even the most aspirational travel plans.

The most wish-listed property in Morocco. Image by Airbnb

The home rental site allows users to save properties they’d love to stay in onto a wish list, so they can revisit them in the future and hopefully book a stay.

The most wish-listed property in Britain. Image by Airbnb

By crunching their data from around the world, the company has determined exactly where travellers wish they could spend the night, and it seems many people are dreaming of castles, treehouses, and yurts for their ideal holiday. In Britain, the most wish-listed property is an amazing castle in Cumbria, where guests can indulge all their royal fantasies and hang out in a turret. In Indonesia, it’s no surprise that an amazing treehouse in Bali has captured the imagination of would-be travellers.

The most wish-listed property in Bali. Image by Airbnb

While yurts are traditionally found in Central Asia, they have become a desirable accommodation type around the world and that’s certainly the case in Germany, where an original yurt from Afghanistan has been turned into a unique place to spend the night.

The most wish-listed property in Germany. Image by Airbnb

The unique accommodation choices that have made the wish-lists are unsurprising, as Airbnb recently released data showing that unusual accommodation options like nature lodges and ryokan are seeing a surge of interest on the site. To pick one of the most popular destinations for travellers in 2018, look no further than the company’s list of its trending destinations for 2018. If you want to see more of the most wish-listed properties, check them out here.

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The most desired Airbnbs in every country will inspire your 2018 travel goals
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